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108 Aura Yoga, one of its kind Online Yoga Studio.

Our Online Yoga Classes are designed for real people; whether you're a busy mom who needs a burst of energy to kick start the day, a working guy who wants to unwind with Yoga Nidra before bed, or anyone looking to break a sweat with Ashtanga Vinyasa, our classes are tailored to meet your unique needs.


Our beginner classes are perfect for those who want to learn the fundamentals of yoga, while our experienced instructors are on hand to guide you through the more challenging poses. And if you're curious about our services or want to learn more about our therapists, our website has everything you need to know. At 108 Aura Yoga, we're committed to helping you achieve your wellness goals through mindfulness and relaxation. Read More.

The Joy of Yoga from the

Comfort of Your Home

Online Yoga

One of the best advantages of online yoga is the flexibility it provides. You need not commute to a studio or fight traffic to attend a class. Instead, you can participate in a session from the comfort of your home, at a friend's place, in your yard, or even during a midday break at work. The convenience of joining a class on the go allows you to prioritise your yoga practice without compromising your schedule.We can personalise our online classes to meet your unique needs and preferences.


Our experienced teachers are happy to take requests and adapt your schedule to align with your goals, ensuring you receive a personalised experience that suits your needs. Our Group Yoga Classes are designed in a way to accommodate a limited set of students to provide individual care and attention to each participant. You can wear whatever you like, including your pyjamas, and feel at ease in your surroundings. There's no need to worry about being self-conscious, which can sometimes be a concern in a traditional studio setting.

Attend Classes from Anywhere
No Fancy Equipment
Attend from any Device
Online Yoga

Our Services

Hatha Yoga
Beginner's Hatha Yoga
Corporate Yoga
Prenatal Yoga
Postnatal Yoga
Hatha Vinyasa
Yoga Therapy
Restorative Yoga
Ashtanga Vinyasa

Our Happy Students

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